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TuroSearch is a search engine that brings top search technology together with one-click access to all your favorite news sources and stocks.

Type in a Stock Ticker Symbol into TuroSearch to get real-time price information for that stock. You can also see trending stocks and build your own personalized watchlist.

About Us

2050 is a software company focused on key passion points that engage the world’s most influential audience. We create high-quality software products across multiple verticles that our users actively engage in.

Founded on the sunny beaches of California, the team behind 2050 is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and are committed to making it better through their craft, software, and their ideas.

We’re on a mission to push our audience away from passive consumption and drive them towards real change. Let’s do this together.

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With TuroSearch, you gain access to great search and will find the best answers to all your questions.